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11 Reasons Why Your Dog Deserves CBD Oil Every Day

Is coming home to a wagging tail the best part of your day? Does it give you unconditional happiness when you cuddle them?

Sure your small furry friends need love, lots and lots of love but they also need to be healthy in order to make you happy! It strikes you when you stop and stare at your dog who is struggling to climb stairs which leaves you feeling uncomfortable, angry, helpless and cranky at the same time. It might just panic you that the sound of thunder or fireworks has been scaring your fluff and there is nothing you can do about it.

In the end, pet parents realize that their fur baby is growing old and will one day leave them forever – a feeling that grips their hearts and makes them want to never let him go. It is quite hard to realize that your champion doggy has been undergoing things that have been stopping him from enjoying the best parts of being a doggo.

No dog deserves to suffer! Perhaps, your dog is truly a brave soul but has been put down due to illness, or simply by being over a hundred years old according to the human years. No matter what the problem is, looking at your woof going through anxiety, seeing him feel scared, or witnessing him going through pain is nothing less than heartbreaking.

As their guardian angels, we would never want to let anything happen to them if only there is something that we can do to help.

Even though CBD oil is suddenly everywhere, the knowledge gap is still far from closing as there are a lot of new products that keep coming to the market almost every day — leaving us spoilt for choice. You may or may not be familiar with the use of CBD oil for human beings and you might not be aware that CBD is also specially made for your canine friends — and it has exactly the same kind of benefits.

Yeah, you read that right! CBD oil and dogs suffering from ailments make a perfect match. After exploring the human side, it is time to dive deep into the research for doggies as well. So whether you have a pup that suffers from inflammatory maladies, arthritis, bouts of anxiety or chronic pain, CBD oil can act as a welcome relief without any side effects of the prescription drugs which can also bring along tons of issues of their own.

Even though the prescribed medicines may provide relief to some extent to your pet, they do have certain side effects that can make the medical bills of your friend all the heftier.

The all-natural CBD extracts and biscuits laced with CBD have the potential to treat a lot of issues and perhaps even help in giving your pup his life back. Dog owners, people who have pet cats, the ones who look after horses and even bunnies have written about the effects of CBD oil on their furry families in a positive manner.

The personal anecdotes and lots of reviews by customers, dog owners have been turning CBD into something else other than just another cannabinoid. It is known to mitigate problems such as seizures, separation anxiety, mood swings, anxiety, different kinds of phobias and much more.

There is no dearth of people who you have been receiving about the benefits of CBD oil on their dogs and cats on the internet. Here, we rounded up on 11 best reasons as to why your four-legged pet friend deserves CBD oil and the ways in which it can help improve the overall health of your doggo in the most natural way possible!

CBD oil helps in reducing anxiety

Your pet friend may be freaking out on a regular basis and anything right from thunderstorms, fireworks, or simply a visit to the veterinary doctor could trigger it. Commonly used to calm down the human nerves, many pooch parents who have been using CBD oil for their furballs have noticed that it helps in calming down the anxiety symptoms for them as well. A few common symptoms of anxiety among mutts include:

Chewing rubbish, furniture, shoes or clothes, etc
Usually defecating and urinating inside the house or a crate
Unnecessary aggression
Excessive barking
Repetitive or compulsive behaviors

At times, some of the symptoms can be a result of casual anxiety-causing situations among dogs but it must be noted that any of these can become recurring and hence result in more serious and grave issues.

Separation anxiety is another form of anxiety which is estimated to affect around 14% of dogs. The dogs suffering from separation anxiety are unable to find comfort when they are separated from their family members or left alone. Undesirable behaviors such as destroying furniture and furnishings, urinating and defecating within the house premises are a few symptoms that are a result of separation anxiety.

Apart from general anxiety and separation anxiety, there is age-related anxiety which tends to affect the dogs which are older and it can be linked to cognitive dysfunction syndrome also known as CDS. CDS, unfortunately, leads to confusion and anxiety among the senior dogs. The ones suffering from CDS have problems in learning, memory, perception, and their awareness begins to decline – all of which is quite similar to the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease in human beings.

CBD oil helps in relieving pain and reduces inflammation

One of the most popular uses of CBD oil among dogs is its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Pain can indicate different kinds of health conditions that may not come up immediately. Inflammation is a part of the healing process which may increase discomfort or pain. However, research has proven that CBD oil can interrupt and even suppress the pain sending signals in the brain of your fluff. This can, in turn, help in alleviating both chronic and acute pains.
The consumption of CBD oil does not just interrupt those pain signals but it can also reduce the inflammation which is caused by pain in the first place. Here is a list of a few common health problems which trigger pain in dogs which can be tackled by using CBD oil:

Different kinds of sprains and strains
Hip dysplasia
Torn ligaments
Recovery from surgery

Commonly, most veterinarians will conventionally recommend using drugs such as NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) for such conditions. What they do not tell you is that these conventional drugs can have adverse effects on the health of your dog. Almost none to a very few side effects have been found due to the use of CBD oil out of which most of the side effects are primarily due to various activities.

Studies suggest that using CBD oil instead of various conventional medicines is a much safer option for your dog.
While CBD oil can help in treating chronic and acute pain by interrupting the pain signals in the brain of your dog, it also has the ability to ease anxiety.

CBD oil helps in tackling cancer

Cancer – a word that you will never want to hear from your veterinarian when you take your husky for a regular checkup. If your mutt does happen to face this battle, do not worry there is a way to help him out.
Seeing you’re husky suffer from cancer can be quite painful – not just for you but also for him.

The treatments for cancer can cause a lot of painful side effects. CBD can be helpful when it comes to the symptoms of cancer and tumors. CBD oil does not just help in providing relief to the inflammation and pain but it can also help with vomiting and nausea as well. These are just a few common side effects of various cancer treatments.

Researches and studies also suggest that there is enough shred of evidence which proves that CBD oil is a great antiemetic. An antiemetic in layman terms means a medicine given for nausea. One of the most common examples to explain this would be buying medicine at the drugstore meant for motion sickness. Such medications are effective when nausea and vomiting are to be dealt with.

To start off, CBD in no way cures cancer, and it is not a miracle drug that can save your dog. However, CBD can offer help where cancer lowers the quality of a pet who is diagnosed. This is why it is such a great compound for dogs with cancer, it makes it less sucky while they are trying their hardest to get better.

But what about the ailments that lie beyond symptoms? What do the cancer studies reveal?

To begin with, CBD oil cannot be labeled as a cure for cancer or anything, and that it is not a miracle drug which can help and save your woof. CBD can be helpful when it comes to adding to the quality to the life of a pet who is diagnosed with cancer.

This is one of the things that makes CBD oil such a great compound for dogs suffering from cancer and it helps in making them less sucky when they are trying their hardest to get better. Certain studies have also been pointing towards CBD oil’s miraculous property that helps in slowing the growth of tumors.

They also explain at length that cancer cells can turn into being more sensitive to treat because of the consumption of CBD oil.

CBD oil helps in dealing with obesity issues

If you think that obesity is just a problem for us human beings, think again! A lot of dogs around are overweight and it is extremely unhealthy for them. Weight gain can put the dogs under the risk of many health concerns, some of which include:

With excessive weight, your fluff has a higher chance of developing a heart condition.
A dog that is overweight will have to bear more stress on his joints.
Obesity raises the risk of being diabetic among dogs just like it does in human beings.
Obese dogs are much more susceptible to developing cancer.
Can create pressure sores on your mutt.
Obesity may make it difficult or impossible to groom.
Too much weight can cause respiratory issues.
It can also cause depression because when a dog can not play and exercise, it starts feeling bad on a general note.

One of the best ways for keeping your dogs their fittest is by providing them with the proper amount of food and making sure that they are exercising. This is one of the most common pieces of advice and is known for working out well in most of the cases. All pooch parents must note that CBD oil is not, by any means, a fat burning supplement for dogs.

No matter how cute you think a fat dog is too much weight on your doggo baby is very unhealthy. You might just want to incorporate CBD oil into the daily routine of your canine to help in promoting weight loss and control. If studies are to be believed, they say that CBD oil can help in breaking down the fat in an indirect manner.

When a dog is overweight, they are likely to suffer from joint pain and will not want to go out on a walk. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of CBD oil can help your dog in staying more active.

CBD oil for perfect creatures suffering from arthritis

Now that we have been talking about dogs and the pain they undergo, let us discuss at length about the various benefits of CBD oil for dogs suffering from arthritis.
Just like human beings, dogs too can develop arthritis. The way how dogs are affected by arthritis is much the same as how it does in humans. With the passage of age, during the aging process, a lot of cartilage cells die. As a result, the joint cartilage of dogs thins out.

When this happens, inflammation-inducing enzymes are released from their bodies. When the cartilage becomes too thin, the bone quality underneath it deteriorates. Bony growths or osteophytes may also develop.

All these factors can result in putting your fur baby pain under unbearable pain. The level of pain can be so much that your pooch may not be able to move around as much as it used to in his younger days. When there is a decrease in the movement among four-legged animals, it can lead to their muscles atrophying.

It is important to understand the ways in which CBD oil can help with pain management, especially the one caused by arthritis. The way CBD works is quite similar to how CBD oil helps in fighting pain while also combating inflammation. One of the experiments suggested that CBD oil has significant pain-reducing effects on the rats which suffer from arthritis.

The experiment involved the application of a CBD topical ointment on the rats for four days. After the testing period was over, it was inferred that rats were in much less pain than and what they were suffering initially. Apart from reducing pain, CBD oil has also been discovered to reduce inflammation without causing any unwanted side effects.

Certain research studies also claim that CBD oil works brilliantly for osteoarthritis. It was suggested that cannabidiol offers similar therapeutic effects on direct suffering from osteoarthritis. The application of CBD according to the researchers reduces the pain caused by their condition.
With so many benefits, you may want to consider giving your dog CBD oil in one way or another to help his arthritis. Feeding him with CBD oil is one of the best ways to keep him calm, active, and happy for the rest of his doggy years.

CBD oil helps in regulating appetite

Of late have you been seeing your dog not wanting to eat food? Or perhaps simply not interested in eating as much as you normally would? If all your efforts to try to feed him have been futile, your pooch may be suffering from the loss of appetite which could be a result due to various reasons. Apart from problems such as anxiety, depression, there could be psychological issues that may have demotivated him to eat.

If you are facing trouble and challenges in getting your dog to eat properly, CBD oil may be of great help. CBD oil is reportedly known to increase appetite among them. Studies on animals have demonstrated the ways in which cannabinoids, especially CBD or cannabidiol has a stimulatory effect on food intake and shows an increase in the appetite.

The endogenous cannabinoid system serves as a regulator of feeding behavior which is highly responsible for the way your pet eats food. when tested on rats, it was concluded that the endogenous cannabinoid anandamide enhances the appetite in them.

Interestingly, it is also believed that the CB1 receptors located in the hypothalamus can also be associated with the reward and motivational aspects of eating. With the usage of CBD oil, you will notice that your dog has an increased appetite, will be willing to eat and does not run away when presented with food.

CBD oil helps in reducing seizures and epilepsy
There are several different factors that can cause seizures among dogs:

Liver or kidney disease
Low or high blood sugar
A head injury
Brain cancer

At times, seizures may appear violent but your fur boo may not be actually experiencing any pain.

The time during, before and after the seizures can cause fear, anxiety or confusion. In certain cases, severe and more frequent seizures may also lead to brain damage. It is absolutely important to be prepared if your dog has a seizure by having a thorough knowledge as to how to handle the situation.

If surveys are to be believed, up to 5 percent of dogs are known to suffer from seizures. most of the dogs who suffer from seizures are given medications such as potassium bromide and phenobarbital. these drugs undoubtedly help in controlling the seizures but there can be extremely harmful to the liver and various other organs of your dog. these prescribed medications do not work in all cases.

CBD oil has proven itself to work well in drug-resistant epilepsy as well. a study was taken up where 7 out of 8 dogs who had drug-resistant epilepsy witnessed an amazing improvement within 4 to 5 months of consuming CBD oil.
A small study taken up in 2019 concluded that the epileptic dogs, when given CBD oil along with the seizures medications, had a lot fewer seizures then what they would originally have with the help of a placebo and seizure medications.

However, the same number of dogs in the CBD oil group and the placebo group responded to the treatment and saw a steady decline in the seizure activity. It is highly recommended that you test CBD oil on your dog first, give him a regular dosage and only then reach any conclusion.

CBD oil and various skin conditions

Of late, have you noticed your dog licking and scratching himself all the time? There are chances that perhaps he has a skin condition or allergies.
These allergies are not just specific to something in particular but they can also occur due to certain chronic diseases.

Dogs either encounter problems when they come in contact with an allergen or if they have a chronic disease such as atopic dermatitis. Better known as Eczema, atopic dermatitis is a very common skin disease among dogs.

Why does it happen?

The underlying cause is most usually seen as hereditary. There are different kinds of treatments available widely to treat this. But it must be noted that skin allergies are very difficult to resolve. Dog parents are always looking for one of the best things to heal the affected skin and try to reduce the number of symptoms.

Treatments such as corticosteroids have been found effective to manage skin conditions prevailing in dogs. But because corticosteroids have steroid hormones, it can have some seriously nasty side effects on your pooch baby.

So if you want to treat a skin condition in your mutt for his entire life, corticosteroids are not a good option to pick. The good news? CBD oil can be really helpful. It has been concluded that itchy and dry skin can be relieved with the use of CBD oil. Apart from promoting the growth of healthy skin, you can be sure that CBD oil will treat your dog in the long run.

A well-tolerated compound, CBD oil can be used as a long-term option to treat all the ongoing skin problems in your dog. Veterinary doctors have even gone to the extent to say that CBD oil could likely be used as a key ingredient in the skin medications for dogs. Till then, you take your pick from a variety of pet special sprays, balms, topical ointments laced with CBD oil, all of which are readily available in the market right now. What is great about these products is that you can apply them right to the problem areas.

CBD oil helps in calming down the aggressive behavior in dogs

No matter how friendly your dog is, no dog exhibits perfect behavior at all times. There may be a happy and active dog who could suddenly start acting aggressively and violently by launching at someone or something.

When your little mutt baby starts acting weirdly such as biting, attacking, growling at a family member, you know that he is lashing out with aggression. Aggression among dogs is a serious issue that is less talked about, but it poses a great threat as it can leave a loved one potentially hurt.
Understanding the underlying reasons that cause aggression in your grown-up furball is the first step for you to control and stop him.

Aggression may be caused due to:

Fear – Perhaps when your dog senses that he or she is surrounded by a danger of some kind, he may give into aggression as a natural defense mechanism. Think of examples such as if he or she get trapped into a corner, they may start acting aggressive. Fear is the reason for aggression among rescue dogs most commonly as they have likely experienced harmful behavior happening to and around them.

Sickness and injuries:

While judging your doggo for being aggressive, make sure that you know whether or not your dog has just been sick or injured recently. There may be certain painful symptoms that can, at times, cause him or her to lash out. Think of problems such as cancer, arthritis, tumors and bone fractures while trying to understand the aggression being caused due to the discomfort that your dog is dealing with.

At times, why a dog may be displaying aggressive behavior could also be summed up as his possessive nature, or maybe the poor thing could be trying to establish dominance in a situation, or simply because he or she is feeling frustrated.

Traditionally, medications such as Fluoxetine and Clomipramine are prescribed by veterinarians to deal with the symptoms of aggression. Sadly, these prescribed medications can bring unwanted side effects with them. CBD oil is one of the natural options which can subside the aggression in your pet.

While CBD oil can help in keeping lots of illnesses and ailments at bay, aggression is one such issue that it can resolve. The only catch here is that CBD oil should not contain THC in it. CBD as a cannabinoid has calming properties.

Mostly, the aggression among dogs is triggered due to certain instances which makes it crucial for you to monitor your dog and stay on top of their aggression symptoms. It is only after this that you should administer CBD oil to him or her. Make sure to check with the veterinary doctor before you give your pooch CBD oil for any other circumstances and narrow down on how much dosage would be optimum for him.

CBD oil can help with neurodegenerative diseases and protect the nervous system

Is your beloved canine pal nearing his senior years? How about helping him and easing the difficulties he comes across while growing old? If all the reasons listed above were not enough for you to add CBD oil in his day to day dietary plans, we are pretty sure that this point will make you want to do so.
CBD oil is very well known for its neuroprotective properties. Cannabinoid effectively fights off the free radicals which further cause cell death. With the passage of time, the free radicals become all the more active in the older stages among dogs. That being said, when a dog grows old, they become more susceptible to the risks of nervous system disorders.

With plenty of confirmation to prove the benefits of CBD oil on nerve and spine issues and degenerative myelopathy, cannabidiol seems like a promising medication for the future.

Patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Alzheimer’s disease can also be largely benefitted by this wonder medicine. The main underlying factor for all these gains is CBD oil’s ability to protect the brain cells of perfect beings from toxicity.

CBD oil helps to deal with various other health problems

While CBD oil can help in protecting the brain cells and ease the neurodegenerative diseases, another compelling reason as to why you should feed your dog with CBD oil is because of its protective properties against inflammatory bowel disease. The anti inflammatory behavior of cannabidiol has been tested and proven among test subjects suffering from intestinal inflammation. Apart from helping in preventing colitis, it can also help in restoring the gut motility back to normal.
If your pooch baby has been suffering from a constantly sensitive and upset stomach, CBD oil can help in promoting better digestion and a healthier bowel movement.

Can CBD oil provide your dog with the relief it seeks?
If you think that your mutt is clearly suffering from different kinds of ailments and it is making you anxious, your search ends here. If you are on a lookout for a new source of relief, talk to your veterinary doctor about using CBD oil.

Based on all the points above, you can very well understand how CBD oil and dogs match perfectly well. The canines who suffer from a plethora of health conditions can find lots of benefits from regularly using CBD oil. Boasting an impressive list of health benefits, it would be not right for you to keep your dog away from enjoying his life to the max.

Give your dog the healthy life that he deserves and so we suggest that you should consider introducing him to high-end CBD oil products on a daily basis as early as possible. Even though including CBD oil in his diet regimen does not require you to get a prescription, it is better if you talk to your veterinarian doctor before starting it.

The reason why it is important to do so is because, at times, CBD oil can interfere with the metabolism of the other medications that your furry friend may need for better treatment.

With proper research, the confusing part while shopping for CBD oil can be eliminated if you are looking for a product approved especially for dogs. CBD oil has been slowly taking over the world of alternative medicine as an innovative and trending product.

Final Word

With so many studies being taken up to understand the uses of CBD oil and the encouraging results, it has been found to be one of the safest options to feed your canine with. Even if it is taken in high doses over an extended period of time, there have been no threatening discoveries.
The bottom line is that CBD oil can act as a healthy supplement that can one day, perhaps, save the life of your husky. With new research being done by scientists frequently, more and more pet parents and holistic veterinary doctors are turning to the diverse range of health benefits being provided by CBD oil.


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