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At PoweredbyNature we believe Self-Empowerment is the key to Good Health. Our goal is to create the resources, tools, community and support to help you get there in the most natural way possible.

Want to know the most naturay way to protect and power your long-term health?

We’re living in unprecedented times. Never before have we had so much access to information on health and nutrition. Never before has the world’s population been so sick.

Heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer kill millions each year and the only thing doctors agree on is that these diseases are preventable with the right diet and lifestyle choices.

We all know what’s right: eat nutritious food, cut out bad habits, get some exercise, minimize stress and get more sleep. Why is it so hard to do?

Part of the answer lies in our biology. Our brains are wired to seek out solutions that provide maximum reward with minimum effort. We’re hardwired to eat food that lights up the brain’s reward centres, which is why we love pizza and ice cream and double-chocolate chip cookies so much!

When you want to change a bad habit, you’re not only fighting yourself but also millions of years of biological evolution. Studies prove that only 1% of people have the power to change behaviour after receiving information that advises them to do so – as anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking or lose weight can attest to.

Plus, there’s so much confusing information out there. One minute, eggs are bad. Then they’re good. For decades we were told saturated fat was source of all our problems. More recently, sugar has been labeled the culprit. Who knows what to believe any more?

What we do know is that your body’s physiology is unique, meaning what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. In the future healthcare and nutrition have to be tailored to individual needs to be effective long-term.

But what if you can’t wait? What if you need help now?

The answer is Go Natural. Thousands of people have discovered the unique healing powers of hemp and their health has been transformed. We want to transform your health too.

How do we do that? With an easy-to-follow 3-Step Program:

Step 1: Hemp

Step 2: Health

Step 3: Hope



Personalized 3-Step Program


Your body is designed to strive for homeostasis – its natural optimal state – but factors such as a compromised immune system, weakened heart, aging joints, old injuries, poor nutrition, lack of sleep or depression can hinder the process.

The hemp plant contains more than one hundred compounds known as cannabinoids. They interact in a unique way with the body’s endocannabinoid system to provide a host of beneficial results that promote homeostasis.

Once your body’s state of natural health is restored, you will have the energy to tackle the lifestyle factors that compromise your long-term health and quality of life.

This sounds like a bold claim and if I were you I’d want proof. Fear not. The goal of this blog is to demonstrate to you the healing and restorative powers of hemp.


Can a plant really motivate you to take better care of yourself?

Hemp can.


Think of this way. When you’re sick or tired, what’s the first thing you want to do? Nothing. You want to curl up under a blanket. Or eat the most rewarding food, which brings us back to pizza and cookies.

No amount of nutrition or exercise advice will break this cycle unless you first begin to feel the benefits of making better choices. Hemp’s unique attributes can kick-start this process.


Each body is unique but we’re ALL social animals. Our overall health is determined by the health of the group. We cannot survive without love and connection and support.

Because modern healthcare is designed to generate profit, pressure on doctors to see as many patients as possible is one of the major factors undermining the quality of public healthcare. As a result, many people are left without support when they need it the most. 

The solution? Take matters into our own hands. Create our own networks of community and support. That’s exactly what PoweredbyNature intends to do.



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