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We started the process of creating Cannamor in 2015.

We can proudly say that we offer the best quality of CBD products in Europe! All our CBD products are safe to use, produced under the strictest hygiene conditions and 100% organic.

Our main objective is to offer our products in the best possible quality. We would like to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage everyone to take care of themselves in the most natural way.

One of our goals is to increase awareness of the many benefits that hemp can offer us. Hemp plants are very respectful with the environment and have a wide variety of uses and benefits; from paper to clothing, thermal and acoustic insulation or even as a very strong construction material.

To achieve our goal, we have been working with the best organic hemp farmers and laboratory technicians in Europe to create a unique range of products including our CBD oils and high-quality lotions, which are original Cannamor products.

We believe that true health is about prevention and we are convinced that our CBD products offer good prevention. This could increase your quality of life.