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How can CBD oil be used by students to reduce anxiety and stress?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of those recently discovered and less explored products in the field of medical science that has been gaining popularity for a variety of potential health benefits. The chemical compound CBD or cannabidiol can be mainly found in the resinous cannabis plant.

Over a few years, a significant number of people have started using CBD oil to treat various health issues such as chronic pain, inflammation in the body, depression, arthritis, and insomnia and many more. While the researches around this wonder product are still going on in full swing, interestingly, CBD has been linked with treating stress and anxiety issues.

Anxiety and stress

While anxiety is not really thought as a desirable thing to have, it is in reality, quite an adaptive response which our body uses in order to help us cope up with the welfare and safety of our own selves and/or our loved ones. It is anxiety that helps our brain to understand and revert potential threats.

While this topic is not taken up in a healthy way by people nowadays, very few understand that anxiety can actually motivate us to analyze the situation better and take an action accordingly. On the flip side, if anxiety is not managed well, it can adversely affect us, our relationships and our life as a whole ultimately making it a clinically diagnosable anxiety-related disorder.


Considered as one of the most stressful phases in the life of young adults, believe it or not, the academic period is one of the most hectic ones. The college students are constantly under pressure to not just perform but also to live independently, deal with people who come from different walks of life, performing academically and facing peer pressure. Even though the college life is a super exciting time to learn new things and explore things about oneself, it is no doubt a very challenging and demanding period.

Social anxiety, parental expectation, exams, fear of the future are a few issues that worry a college-going student at some point in his or her college career. Sometimes, students may resort to unhealthy and habit-forming ways of coping with such uncontrollable anxieties.

How can CBD help college students in dealing with anxiety?

Extracted from the cannabis plants, cannabidiol is one of the many natural compounds found in hemp or marijuana, which provides a lot of medical and therapeutic health benefits to the consumers. CBD can be especially beneficial to the college-going students in many ways. Read on to know various problems that CBD can help with.

Anxiety before or during exams

Feeling anxious before or during exams is a very common thing, especially if you did not do very well in the last one. The inability to perform well in the previous exams might just make it worse. Even after putting in hours of tireless hard work before the exams, you may feel absolutely blank when it is finally time to sit down for the paper.

As a result, we tend to put pressure on ourselves to perform well which does worse to our memory than any good. A dose of CBD can help eliminate the feeling of being blank, fight the bouts of anxiety before the test and refresh our mind to think clearly and work calmly.

Social anxiety in public relations

Let us admit that not all of us are very socially active or have a big group of friends. Most of us feel a particular kind of hitch in speaking up in front of a class, our close friends, and at times in front of our love interest as well! This hitch can slowly lower your confidence and turn into a crippling fear which can be hard to shake off. A shot of CBD in such situations can help you stay calm, regain confidence, relax and attain a peaceful state of mind.

A recent study discovered that cannabidiol can actually reduce the symptoms of the social anxiety disorder (SAD). After taking CBD oil, it was found that people did not just feel better but the way their brains responded to anxiety changed as well.

CBD can help sleep disorders

The phase of college life is such that it is always full of adventure and action. Having fun during the college life eventually tends to disturb our schedule which adversely affects our sleeping hours. The chances that you will ever have a continuous sleep schedule throughout your college is quite negligible.
With studying, working, taking part in extracurricular activities and attending classes, sleep becomes one of the last things that you think about. It is because of sleep deprivation that our body is not able to work as efficiently as it should, our thought process starts becoming cloudy and the focus on studies reduces. What’s more, is that the body repair system slows down.

Taking CBD before dozing off can promote an active and healthy sleep cycle which will make sure that you are able to focus better on your studies and achieve your goals.

To physical pains

It does not matter whether you are a student-athlete, and intramural warrior, or someone who is generally suffering from some sort of physical pain. During your student life, you may experience physical pains such as sprains, muscle or joint pains, etc. a lot of times. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can give you relief from all sorts of physical injuries and pains.

All round mental health

Self and paternal expectations, academic workload, peer pressure, juggling between personal and student life along with worrisome thoughts about the future can really put down a student’s mental health. While becoming anxious is normal but constant anxiety can result in panic attacks, depression, and severe stress.

The calming properties of CBD help in tackling such mental health issues and relax the mind. Cannabidiol does not just lower the anxiety levels, but it also aids in reducing the symptoms related to a lot of psychological conditions and brain disorders.

Is CBD allowed on my college campus?

CBD is a less explored and relatively new product in the field of medical sciences. In a lot of countries, CBD is considered as a harmful drug because of the psychoactive properties of THC present in cannabidiol – a compound that gets you high and is regarded as unlawful.

It is because of the above-stated reason that the legality of CBD differs from one state to another. It is however recommended that you must always check the laws against the use of CBD at the campus of your state. Only the pure form of CBD (the full spectrum CBD) oil is allowed to be consumed at college campuses. The full spectrum CBD oil contains less than 0.3 percent of THC which makes it an ideal choice for consumption.

The reason for the legality of CBD oil is purely to improve the health of people and treat various ailments that do not have a concrete treatment as such. The colleges have legalized CBD on their premises to help students deal with their anxiety issues.

It is suggested that students start taking CBD oil at home to be doubly sure about any kind of issues if they consume it on the campus. CBD can be utilized in various ways by students to fight stress, anxiety and other health issues. In case of a physical injury, it is safe for them to apply the oil directly on the painful area.

An alternate way of letting CBD oil into your system is to add a few drops in the hot water before taking a dip. As the drops come in contact with the skin and get absorbed, CBD will start showing its benefits in regards to the physical and mental health.

Methods of ingesting CBD oil

The way you consume the CBD makes a huge difference in the way you received the benefits. One of the most common methods to consume CBD is by the means of vape. Vaping CBD can be easily done by using this cartridge system or by using the CBD e-liquid. Both the methods are quite easy and offer an enjoyable experience. Start by gauging the amount of CBD present in a dropper and put it in the vaping tank.

CBD Capsules are one of the safest ways to consume CBD. They let you keep a track of how much CBD are you taking in your system. These capsules have an exact amount of CBD which helps you keep a check of the CBD dosage.

Lastly, there are various CBD products for direct consumption such as CBD edibles, CBD beverages, CBD applicators, CBD gummies, and many others. These edibles can be picked as per your own choice. The eatables, however, have a more lasting effect as they are orally ingested. The eatables take around an hour to mix with the bloodstream and the effect lasts for up to 4 to 5 hours – depending on the potency of CBD.

Will CBD oil make me high?

To put up bluntly, no CBD cannot make you high or intoxicated. It is a safe compound with no psychoactive or mind-altering properties. Your sensory response of consciousness by any means will not be adversely affected.

Researchers have claimed that CBD is a non-addictive compound which when brought from a reputable company that adheres to the use of safe methods and compounds to extract cannabidiol, possesses no potential abuse or dependency.

Final thoughts

CBD oil or cannabidiol which is derived from hemp, marijuana for Cannabis plant has been sort as an effective treatment to treat more related disorders such as depression and anxiety. Certain studies suggest the numerous positive benefits of CBD which give it the title of being an attractive therapeutic medicine.

Evidence from researches has started to shed light on the ways in which CBD affects the brain of the people with and without anxiety disorders. The consumption of CBD oil and its effects have started getting validation from doctors and scientists all over the world as an anti-anxiety medicine. With a very large percentage of population suffering from stress and anxiety, CBD can have a very critical role to play when it comes to treating hundreds of anxiety-related disorders,

No claims have been made yet which can prove that CBD is harmful for consumption – but just to be absolutely sure, make sure that you take the opinion of your doctor before you begin to use CBD oil to treat stress, anxiety or any other health condition.



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