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HPV vaccine made Lærke sick

But she got her life back!

“My daughter, Lærke Elstrøm Jensen, was only 11 years old when she became Danish champion in road cycling. It was the same year – 2012 – that she received the first HPV vaccine. In early 2013, she received the second vaccine and then started to become ill more often. Before cycling, she threw up and felt really bad, but she managed to win both DM in the single start and on the road the same year. At that time, we had no idea why she got so bad, and we had no suspicion that it could be the HPV vaccine that could have triggered that Lærke’s condition got worse and worse. So in January 2014, Lærke also gets the third vaccine.”

Lærke’s History

In September 2014, it goes completely wrong. Lærke had a crash on the bike, and a number of new symptoms appeared. Now she is experiencing both headache, dizziness and muscle and joint pain, and the nausea and stomach problems are constant. All the doctors who examine her ignore her symptoms and say it is concussion or whiplash after the crash that is causing her condition.

Several also point out that it is mental; that Lærke has simply pushed herself too hard. We had a hard time imagining because Lærke has always been a very strong girl. But we believed in it, and her trainer worked with her to strengthen her mentally, as well as trying to coach in relation to dietary changes in an attempt to nullify nausea.
But it doesn’t get any better, and Lærke gave up her cycling dreams.

In March 2015 we see the TV2 documentary broadcast “The vaccinated girls”. We could see a pattern from Lærke got the vaccines and how her condition slowly worsened. Approximately three months after Lærke crashed on the bike, we started searching for treatments. We tried physiotherapy, chiropractor, reflexology, acupuncture, naturopath, craniosacral and connective tissue massage. They could all feel that something was wrong, but no one could help.

We stopped all treatments in December 2015 and tried to give Lærke some peace. In January 2016, she gets worse and we become more and more frustrated. In the facebook group “HPV Side Effects” we read about girls who have got it significantly better after treatments from Jeff Roope. Some girls also got better with intravenous vitamin C, so we were in doubt about what we should try.

Fortunately, we made the right decision by choosing Jeff Roope.

Finally, there was one who knew exactly what was wrong with Lærke. One who knew everything about vaccines and its harmful effects. And when I asked if he thought he could help, he said with a smile: “Yes, I can. If I can’t help, she’s the first one I can’t help.” And he was right.

In February, she started with the Jeff cure, VitaZymes herb supplements. Two weeks later, on February 21, 2016, she gets the first treatment. She then receives treatment once a week. The first four times she couldn’t feel any improvement at all. Lærke also has problems with the pulse (POTS). Jeff has some herbs that are good for the heart and after almost two weeks there are no major problems. And then something happens suddenly with Lærke.

Two days before she needed her fifth treatment, she says for the first time in more than a year: “I feel better now. I have almost no headache anymore”. The next day she was out running a little, and the following week she said many times “it is so nice, I am so happy”.

Lærke was treated once a week and since the fifth treatment, there were quite a progress. Jeff started by removing the headache and then working with, among other things, concentration and memory. Lærke had a lot of absences from school in the 7th and 8th grades and was not at school in the first three months of 2016. But after six treatments she started school for two hours daily.

Lærke got more and more energy and well on the way back to life, and she is enjoying life again. Thanks to Jeff. She has received 22 treatments, and now there is only treatment once a month.

Prior, two hard years had gone for Lærke and the whole family. Especially for Lærke. But when we look back, we have learned a lot about the body and health. Jeff has from the beginning been very welcoming and taught us a lot about what it takes to get a good health.
It is impressive with the knowledge Jeff has about the body. Contacting Jeff is the best we have ever done. He has helped get Lærke back to life, which means EVERYTHING to us.

We have got our lovely and happy Lærke back. Now we know the “Jeff Cure” from VitaZymes and will definitely try it for ourselves.

Eva Elstrøm Jensen
Denmark, August 2016

Eva Elstrøm Jensen
Denmark, August 2016

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