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Jeff Cure VitaZymes

Cancer / Tumor

Two and a half years ago there was found a lump on the underside of the right lung. The lump was diagnosed as malignant, despite no biopsy, which was not possible due to the location. The doctors thought the lump was a metastasis from a previous lump, which I was operated for two years earlier and subsequently had radiation therapy for.

According to the doctors, the only treatment option was chemotherapy, which I said no to, as I would try an alternative way.
Having tried on my own for three months with various actions without any result other than the lump having grown and a small new one was coming,

I got in touch with Jeff, who put me on a cure with various healing herbs from VitaZymes (Vita, Liverex , Neutralex, Immunex and TRX), and healed me several times.

In early 2016, a CT scan showed that the lump had not grown, it had even become a bit smaller, and the second newcomer was no longer referred to as a lump. The disease was no longer active, as a big surprice to the doctors. I left the hospital relieved and happy that I had chosen to follow my gut feeling and said no to chemo and yes to Jeff’s treatments and herbs.

It saved my life. I am deeply grateful!

Charlotte Dyhrberg, 44 years old, Denmark.

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