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Back to life after HPV vaccine side effects

My daughter’s story

Anja Brix Larsen, single mother of 16-year-old Natasja, who was severely affected by the side effects of the HPV vaccine:

My daughter Natasja has been seriously ill since 2011 after she received the third injection of the HPV vaccine, and Natasja has not been in school for three years, but now it seems like there is hope ahead. Natasja is also diagnosed with POTS, for which she is being medicated, which helps her.
Back in March this year (2015) Natasja falls, and subsequently, an article comes in BT, which tells about Natasja’s disease – the side effects of the HPV vaccine.

Following this article, we are approached by some alternative therapists who all offer to help Natasha – to make an effort to help her out of all the side effects that have put an end to the life of a young teenage girl.

We decided to accept an offer from Claus Beyer, who offers to give Natasja herbal capsules from VitaZymes as well as treatments by the world-famous English healer, Jeff Roope.”

Claus Beyer is also the founder of the Mariposa Association (an association that helps single parents with life-threatening diseases), and he also promised to raise funds for Natasja’s treatment (since it was the first HPV patient). Claus said to us: “I am absolutely convinced that we can help Natasha and we continue the treatments until we can make Natasha so healthy that she can live again – and come back and get an education and be with her friends.”

The British healer, Jeff Roope, who lives in Dubai, had to come to Denmark 14 days later, and Natasja started up with herbal capsules that also goes by the name “Jeff Cure”, as well as a treatment cream with seven different herbs.

“When Natasja arrives at Jeff’s first treatment, he suggests her to stop the allergy medicine she has been given for her rash on her back and chest. After the last shot vaccine, Natasja had this rash that caused a severe itch, but already after two treatments and using Jeff’s herbal cream, everything was ripped off.”

We are also informed that Natasja’s lymphatic system does not work optimally, that her liver is very stressed and that the nervous system is affected by heavy metals, which also affect Natasja’s head and helps develop the very powerful headache that she suffers from.
The treatments took place in the first month twice a week, and in the next month once a week. Natasja was down to one treatment a month. The herb capsules were regulated during the period of the treatment so the dosis was reduced. “

How Natasja cames back to a normal life

“Before we started the treatments with Jeff, Natasja had the Melissa test. Here we were informed of all the food that Natasja’s body and intestinal system could not tolerate. When we told this to Jeff, he promptly asked us to drop this ‘diet’. He urged her to eat “normally” – as all young people do – and told her that he would help to get her body and intestinal system working if she got any problems again. Since Natasja started the treatments with Jeff, she has eaten quite normally without any problems – including sugar, flour, milk and also alcohol for parties, etc.”

“We have now come so far that the municipality is helping Natasja to come back to school – slowly without pressure, as it will be a huge change after lying in bed for three years. So now, Natasja is going to complete her 9th and 10th grade, which she hasn’t been able to do before.
Today, Natasja has a lot of energy every day. I believe that this offer, which we received from Claus Beyer, is the best offer I have ever said “Yes” to.
Before I never believed in alternative treatments – BUT I DO NOW.
Of all the side effects Natasja had before starting the treatments – there is only a little headache left from time to time.”

Below is a list of Natasja previous symptoms:

• difficulty concentrating
• autonomic dysfunction
• back pain
• ants in mucous membranes
• blurry vision
• chest pain
• chest tightness
• cold sweats
• signs of cystitis
• bluish shadows under the eyes
• reduced appetite
• diarrhea
• constant dizziness
• very swollen tonsils
• constantly tired
• freezes most of the time
• feeling of warmth
• feeling like fainting
• severe headache
• feels very thirsty and often drinks at night
• flu
• rash on the upper part of the body, front and back
• joint pain
• knee pain
• constantly raised lymph nodes
• dry mouth
• pain in all muscles
• mushy stools
• constant nausea
• neck pain
• oppressive pain at the lower left side of the abdomen
• orthostatic intolerance
• pain in the legs – can hardly stand and go
• raised heartbeat
• swollen knees with papular rash
• short-term peripheral vision loss
• heartburn
• sensory disturbances on the right side of the face, leg and right arm and
• reduced force in the same
• hands shaking at times
• tics/tremors by fainting
• shoulder pain
• abdominal cramps
• abdominal pains
• spinning in the right hand
• sore throat repeatedly
• nearsightedness
• visual disturbances
• vomiting
• elevated head pressure (lumbar puncture)
• Asperger’s syndrome (an atypical form of autism)
• POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)
• moyamoya disease (narrowed blood vessels on the left side of the neck).

Anja Brix Larsen, Ringsted, Denmark, October 2015

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