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“I climbed to the deck of the world’s tallest ship.” Lone Thomas on How CBD Crystals Healed her Arthritis

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Eight years ago the doctor told Lone Thomas she’d be in a wheelchair in ten years time due to her severe arthritis. Sick of the medications and hospital visits, two years ago she started taking hemp on the advice of her sister. Last week she climbed to the deck of the world’s tallest ship.

Cannamor: Why did you start taking CBD?

LT: Eight years ago I was diagnosed with a severe form of arthritis and put on strong medication. The doctor told me the medication was so strong it would rot my liver. So they gave pills to help protect my liver too. I was taking all these tablets but they couldn’t give me any guarantees that I’d get better. In fact he said that in ten years time I’d likely end up in a wheelchair unable to walk. I was in constant pain and never had any energy. It was awful.

Cannamor: That must have made working difficult?

LT: Up until two years ago I spent all of my time sitting at my desk. I work for a large distribution company based near the dock. But I never left the office. I couldn’t. Walking was too painful. Not anymore. Now, I get outside and I get on the boats.

Cannamor: What changed?

LT: My sister is a healer who has been working with CBD and CBD Crystals for many years. She’d been asking me to try CBD since I was diagnosed but I was reluctant because we have mandatory drug testing at work and I was afraid if I took it, it would show up on the tests and I’d lose my job. Then my sister explained the difference between hemp and marijuana and that I could take CBD in crystal form, which is basically the purest form you can take. It looks a little like hardened honey and I take a small amount, about the size of a fingernail. It’s more expensive but it’s so worth it.

Cannamor: Why?

LT: I have my life back. I have no more pain and can walk anywhere I want. Last week, I climbed to the deck of the world’s tallest ship, 50 meters tall! I climbed all those steps and felt completely fine.

Cannamor: How do you know that CBD works?

LT: Oh, it definitely works. A few weeks ago I went to Spain and wasn’t able to take my crystal for two days. By the third day I was in pain again. We walked to a friend’s home and I didn’t have the energy to climb the steps to go inside. I just sat on the path trying to catch my breath. Luckily this friend had some crystals and I was able to take some. Twenty minutes later I felt like new again and we went out to lunch.

Cannamor: Is CBD the only thing you take now?

LT: I take colostrum, magnesium and a vitamin B supplement as well as the crystal.


‘’She’d been asking me to try hemp since I was diagnosed but I was reluctant because we have mandatory drug testing at work and I was afraid if I took hemp it would show up in the tests and I’d lose my job. Then my sister explained the difference between hemp and marijuana.‘’


Cannamor: No more prescription pills?

LT: No. I’m finished with those pills. Haven’t taken any since I started taking CBD two years ago. Last month I visited my doctor and he said that if my condition continues to improve as it has done for the last two years, my next hospital visit will be my last. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately phoned my sister and screamed with joy: “Thank you! You’ve saved my life!”

Cannamor: That’s amazing. In what other way has CBD helped you?

LT: It has regulated my sleep. When I was on pills, I’d wake up two or three times in the middle of the night with cramps. I’d have to get up and walk around for a bit to get rid of the cramps. Every night my sleep was disrupted and every morning I woke up tired. No fun. When I’m tired, I’m a devil. Just ask my husband! But with CBD I sleep all night, seven hours every night and wake up feeling refreshed. Because I have energy again, I’ve also been able to help other sick people.

Cannamor: Can you tell me about someone you’ve helped?

LT: Sure. There was a young woman who was in college but couldn’t do her end of year exams because she was so nervous. For three years she tried to do the test but each time she couldn’t do it. I started her on CBD oil and after three months she went back to school. Last summer she did the test and got top marks. She called me saying, “I made it! Thank you!” She was crying. I was crying. Another miracle. I also helped my husband who has gout. Would you like to talk to him?

Cannamor: Yes. Hi Claus. Can you tell me a little about your health history?

CT: I’ve had gout for about eight or nine years. They call it the Rich Man’s Disease but that’s not why I got it. I’ve been hard on my body over the years, working at tough jobs, mechanic, truck driver, welder. I knew I should probably take better care of myself but that’s easier said than done.

Cannamor: What was life with gout like?

CT: Some days the pain in my foot was so bad I couldn’t put on my slippers. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t leave the house. I walked like a ninety-year-old man.

Cannamor: What medication were you taking?

CT: The doctor gave me Ibuprofen but they took up to 36 hours to work, which meant I was in a lot of pain until they did work. They weren’t reliable. The doctor also told me to change my diet, to eat more vegetables and cut down on red meat and red wine.

Cannamor: How did taking CBD change your life?

CT: Today, I work as a blacksmith. If I’m busy I can work up to 13 hours. If I need to, I can do that for eight days straight. Then I take a break for a couple of days and get back to work. I’m strong again. There’s no more pain. Best of all, I can eat what I like, all my favourite foods like steak with red wine sauce. I make the sauce myself. It’s delicious. After dinner I like to have a coffee and a Cognac. Thanks to CBD, these days, I really do feel like a rich man.




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