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Raw Cannabis Seeds – The New Superfood On The Block

We have all heard about the health benefits of cannabis, particularly in the form of CBD extracts and tinctures, as well as hemp seed oil benefits, but what about raw cannabis seeds themselves? Let’s look at 6 ways that hemp seeds can help us improve our health.

Supports Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Many cosmetics these days contain Omega 3 & 6, why is that? Well, these essential fatty acids are very effective at permeating the skin layer and inciting new cell growth. Raw cannabis seeds are particularly rich in these fatty compounds, alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3) and linolenic acid (Omega 6), and help support healthy, moisturized skin as well as encouraging hair and nail growth.

Studies on sufferers with atopic dermatitis concluded that “Dietary hempseed oil caused significant changes in plasma fatty acid profiles and improved clinical symptoms of atopic dermatitis” and “suggested that these improvements resulted from the balanced and abundant supply of PUFAs in this hemp seed oil” supporting the idea that the nutrients contained in raw hemp seeds can really play a huge role for those suffering from skin conditions.

Gut Saviours
Thanks to their high fiber content, raw cannabis seeds are fantastic for aiding digestion. Rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, these seeds can help keep you regular, while allowing your gut to keep healthy levels of beneficial bacteria by aiding their growth.

Healthy gut flora is essential for not only for healthy digestion but also for maintaining a strong immune system.

And thanks to the high fiber content of the seeds, they will keep you fuller for longer, which may assist in promoting healthy weight management. Just another reason to add raw cannabis seeds to your diet!

The New Superfood

Thanks to the myriad of beneficial nutrients found inside, raw cannabis seeds are fast becoming the next superfood to be found on our shelves. They contain all 9 essential amino acids that our body can’t produce naturally and must derive from food products (usually animal-derived) or supplements.

They are also, as we discussed earlier, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. Nutritionists claim that they contain the perfect ratios of these essential fatty acids, usually between 2:1 and 3:1, as well as being rich in other nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc and many more.

Cardiovascular Heros
Raw cannabis seeds are full of a compound called amino acid arginine. What’s so special about this nutrient is that it’s particularly healthy for our heart! Why is that? Well, studies show they have the power to lower our blood pressure naturally, while reducing LDL cholesterol, raising HDL cholesterol and improving triglycerides.

The perfectly balanced ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 is another way these seeds help improve cardiovascular health, while antioxidants like Vitamin E help prevent cardiovascular damage.

All in all, raw cannabis seeds truly are a nutritional powerhouse for our hearts!

Plant-based Protein
Many of us these days are attempting to minimize our animal protein intake. Whether it is for reasons of health, environmental impact or wanting to minimize animal suffering, protein is usually a nutrient that people worry about lacking in when they begin minimizing their meat consumption. Cannabis seeds to the rescue!

Not only is 33% of the cannabis seed comprised of pure protein, but 65% of this protein also comes in the form of edestin, a kind of protein that’s easily digested and absorbed, which makes it extremely easy for our body to utilize.

Just 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds contains 10 grams of protein, that’s more than a whole boiled egg! It also has a very low allergy profile, which makes it a great substitute for other plant-based proteins like peanuts or soy, which many people have intolerances to.

An Athlete’s Best Friend
As we previously discussed, the high levels of plant-based protein found in hemp seeds are not only highly digestible and efficiently utilized by our bodies, but they are also accompanied by a whole plethora of different nutrients that help us reach our optimal health.

One of those nutrients is our friend Magnesium. Magnesium is an amazing compound, in particular for those who physically exert themselves regularly.

This is because Magnesium is crucial when it comes to stress responses and muscle relaxation, which is why it’s gathered such a following between suffered of cramps, and is rather indispensable for athletes when it comes to rehabilitation and downtime after working out, helping muscles to relax properly and thus avoiding injury.

Adding hemp seeds into your post-workout smoothie, or sprinkling it over whatever meal you choose to have after or before your workout, will add a nice healthy dose of magnesium to your daily routine, helping you avoid muscle cramps, and with the added benefit of a high zinc content, help your body repairs its muscle tissue as well as keeping your immune system strong, ready for the next gym visit!

The World’s Most Versatile Seed

Raw cannabis seeds truly are a wonder food, and with all these incredible health benefits, its no wonder it is creating such a buzz in the health world.

So what are you waiting for! These nutrient-packed seeds can be incorporated into your diet in a whole variety of ways. Blended into smoothies, sprinkled on salads or soups, or even get creative and make your own hemp seed milk or cheese, the possibilities are endless!

Already eating them? Share in the comment section below your favorite recipe!

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