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The Ultimate Butter is Hemp Ghee

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Last year Ghee enjoyed a moment in the limelight when Kourtney Kardashian let the world know she was a big fan. In reality (pun intended) Ghee has been around for thousands of years, an ancient food from India that’s survived because of its unique goodness and flavour. It’s earliest use dates back to 2000BC where it became popular in the southern regions of India as a way to keep butter from spoiling.

Ghee cleans the body inside and out, and can also be used topically to treat burns and rashes, and as a moisturizer for dry scalp. Because of its healing properties, it was revered in ancient cultures and used in ceremonial practices to purify the mind and body. Including it in your diet is a tasty way to cleanse your body and promote wellness. It also transforms the taste of your favourite foods.

When we added hemp protein, we weren’t sure if it’d work out? We were very pleasantly surprised by the results. Cannamor’s Hemp Seed Protein is green and has a mossy flavour. When we added it to the ghee, the aroma was something akin to fresh cut grass and melted chocolate. The taste … OMG … the taste! Divine. Unique. Nutty. Creamy with a hint of herb.

So what is Ghee? It’s clarified butter, but simmered longer to bring out butter’s natural nutty flavour. Traditionally made from cow or buffalo milk, it’s best to make with grass-fed butter to get the desired results. The process of cooking it removes the water and fat from the butter, creating a rich spread with a similar nutritional profile to coconut oil.

Due to the cooking process, lactose and casein are removed from the butter, meaning Ghee is suitable for anyone sensitive to those allergens. It’s also rich in short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids, which are beneficial to anyone at risk for heart disease. Ghee has a much higher smoke-point than vegetable oils such as sunflower or corn oil, making it a more versatile and nutritious cooking oil.

Ghee’s benefits don’t end there. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and the hard to find K2, which is essential for building strong bones and protecting against tooth decay and calcification of the arteries. It supports weight loss, reduces inflammation and improves digestion. And if that wasn’t enough, it tastes friggin’ amazing. Making it seems daunting and your first try may fail (mine did!) but it’s worth pursuing. Once you go Ghee …


To Make Ghee You’ll Need the Following

1lb of the best quality organic butter you can get
4 teaspoons of Germinated Hemp Seed Protein
Deep, wide-bottom skillet
Wooden spatula
Mesh skimmer
Mesh strainer
Glass jar


How To Make Ghee

Place the butter in the skillet and slowly melt over a medium to low heat. Do not rush this step. Continue to stir as it melts.

As the butter simmers, it will bubble and splash. Keep stirring for up to 30 minutes until the milk fats (little white crumbs) have separated from the golden liquid.

White foam will appear on top. This is good. 

The milk fats will continue to brown; also good, as this is where the nutty flavour comes from. Watch them brown but don’t let them burn. Keep a close eye at this point because they can easily burn.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Place cheesecloth in the strainer and pour the liquid gold Ghee into the glass jar.

Sprinkle in the hemp seed protein and stir, very slowly. As it cools, continue to stir. Keep stirring until the butter begins to set to ensure even distribution of the hemp protein. 

Once it’s set, it’s ready to eat. Keep it in a tightly sealed jar. It will keep in the fridge for months. Use it for cooking or baked potatoes, fresh bread or toast. Enjoy!







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