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VitaZymes HairLoc Herbal

 Herbal Nutritional Supplement

– Give your hair a boost

• Hair Growth Cycle: Hair on the scalp grows about 3-4 mm per day or about 6 inches per year.
• Unlike other mammals, hair growth and -loss is random and not seasonal or cyclic.
• At any given time, a random number of hairs will be in various stages of growth and shedding.
• Hair production occurs in 3 phases:

1. Growth (Anagen)
2. Cessation (Catagen)
3. Rest (Telogen).

Hair Cycle


Hair in Anagen phase has a good and positive supply of blood

Blood Supply Stimulation



With HairLoc the Dermal Papilla is supplied with cleaner blood so hair can remain in Anagen phase for longer making it longer, thicker and stronger with less fall.

Times of hair growth cycle

• Scalp: The time these phases last varies from person to person. Different hair colour and follicle shape affects the timings of these phases.
• Anagen phase: 2–6 years (occasionally much longer).
• Catagen phase: 2–3 weeks.
• Telogen phase: around 3 months.


• Anagen is the active phase of the hair. The cells in the root of the hair are dividing rapidly. A new hair is formed and pushes the club hair up the follicle and eventually out.
• During this phase the hair grows about 1 cm every 28 days. Scalp hair stays in this active phase of growth for 2-6 years. Some people have difficulty growing their hair beyond a certain length because they have a short active phase of growth.
• People with very long hair have a long active phase of growth.
• By stimulating clean blood to the Derma Papilla the hair will remain in this phase for longer allowing hair to be longer, thicker, and stronger and with less fall.


• The Catagen phase is a transitional stage and 3% of all hairs are in this phase at any time. This phase lasts for about 2-3 weeks. During this time growth stops and the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches to the root of the hair. This is the formation of what is known as a club hair.


• Telogen is the resting phase and accounts for 10-15% of all hairs. This phase lasts for about
100 days for hairs on the scalp.
• During this phase the hair follicle is completely at rest and the club hair is completely formed. Pulling out a hair in this phase will reveal a solid, hard, dry, white material at the root.
• Normally between 25-100 Telogen hairs are shed each day.

Why HairLoc?

• HairLoc has been given its name because of what it achieves effectively and in record time.
• HairLoc “locks” the hair – a perfect and safe herbal solution preventing excessive falling.
• Hair becomes noticeably longer, thicker, stronger giving fuller locks of hair with increased volume.
• When hair is in the Anagen stage cleaner blood through the use of HairLoc is delivered to the Dermal Papilla, which strengthens, thickens, and keeps the hair from falling, allowing it to grow longer and stay in this phase for longer.

• Herbal products have long been the choice of our ancestors and increasingly have become the choice of the educated buyer today because of their safety and harmony with the human body.
• Herbal supplements bring the body back into balance.
• No adverse drug reaction as associated with chemical alternatives.
• Working faster and more effectively than ever before because of our unique production method

What causes hair loss

• Heredity. In most cases, hair loss is inherited, which means it’s passed down from one or both of your parents. This is called male-pattern or female-pattern hair loss.
• Stress – including physical stress from surgery, illness, or high fever.
• Damage to your hair from pulling it back too tightly, wearing hair braids, ponytails or hair extensions.
• Over-styling – devices such as hair dryers, curlers and hair straighteners.
• Age, since you grow less hair as you get older. Hair also gets thinner and tends to break more easily as you age.
• Poor diet, especially not getting enough iron or protein.
• Thyroid diseases like hypothyrodism and hyperthyroidism.

What is normal hair loss?

• People have between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on their head. The number of strands normally lost in a day varies, but on average it is 100. In order to maintain a normal volume, hair must be replaced at the same rate at which it is lost.
• But if hair loss runs in your family, you could lose a lot more hair. With this kind of hair loss, you may end up with bald spots if you are a man. If you are a woman, you may find that the hair on the top of your head is slowly thinning. About half of all people have this type of hair loss by around age 50.
• Other factors, such as diseases and medicines, also can cause you to lose more hair than normal.
• Although hair loss is fairly common, it can be a tough thing to live with, especially when it changes how you look. But there are ways you can treat your hair loss.

Benefits of HairLoc

• Hair stops falling, returning to a normal fall rate within 7-10 days.
• On average hair becomes noticeably thicker within a month to two months.
• Increased hair volume by up to 50% within 6 months.
• Hair grows longer as its blood supply allows hair to stay in Anagen phase for longer.
• Natural hair colour regain has also been reported to be a positive benefit although not in all cases within 2-3 months.
• This product does not claim to bring back hair where the hair follicle has already diminished.
• Brings back a youthful fullness to hair with vitality, thickness and length. Strengthening the hair so it only falls at a normal rate.
• Double the dosage and strength of any of our competitor’s dosage 4 per day (2 x am 2 x pm).

Other benefits

• Improved skin – spots are a thing of the past!
• Smoother skin.
• Dandruff disappears.


Case Study Panel 100 participants (mixed male and female)
100% found hair stopped falling to a normal hair fall count of 100 hairs within the first week.
87% found new hair is thicker within 2-3 months.
98% found hair thicker after 6 months.
50% extra volume after 6 months was noticed by 70% of participants.
23% found original colour was regained in areas.
86% found no more acne spots for the duration of supplementing.
70% found dandruff disappeared.


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